Composer Credits

Feature Film Credits

2016 London Has Fallen (Action/Thriller) (Additional Music)

2015 Admiral (Michiel du Reyter) (Historical) (Additional Music)

2011 In Search of the Black Knight (Documentary)

2011 The Horror of Barnes Folly (Comedy/Horror) (Additional Music)

2011 Cameraman: Solomon Islands (Documentary)

2010 1013 Briar Lane (Paranormal)

2009 Dreams and Shadows (Drama/Fantasy)

2009 Sam Hell (Horror)

2008 Children Lost in Darkness (Drama)

2007 Dimples (Psychological Thriller)

2005 Untouchable Children (Drama)

2003 The Plea (Psychological Thriller)

2002 The Living and the Dying (Drama)

2002 The Agent (Suspense Thriller)

2002 Storm of Beauty (Drama)

2000 Biker Zombies (Horror)

Short Film Credits

2022 The Scars You Feed (Drama)

2019 Victimized (Drama)

2012 The Gift (Psychological Thriller)

2012 Chlorine (Psychological Thriller)

2011 Murder By Child (Crime / Drama)

2011 Sacrifice Anything (Crime / Drama)

2010 Dormtales Til Dawn (Horror)

2010 4 Pictures (Dark Comedy)

2009 Nick of Time (Drama)

2009 Snapshot (Crime / Drama)

2009 Alone (Psychological Thriller)

2008 Cold Vengeance (Crime / Drama)

2008 Aaron Boone ” The Love Of The Game”

2008 The Late Shift (Horror)

2007 A Purple Heart (War Drama)

2007 Breaking All Records (Martial Arts Doc.)

2006 Insomnia (Psychological Thriller)

2005 Lunar 3 (Sci-Fi / Thriller)

2005 Underneath It All (Dark Comedy)

2005 Dead Man’s Hand (Crime / Drama)

2005 Fear of Dying (Psychological Thriller)

2005 Murder Most Fowl (Crime /Comedy)

2004 Jack and Jill (Psychological Thriller)

2004 Voices Within (Psychological Thriller)

2004 Time Traveling Thugtastic Jug (Adventure)

2004 Runaways on St. Mark’s Place (Drama)

2003 Nietzsche (Drama)

2003 A Family Affair (Crime / Drama)

2003 Think Before You Drink (Drama)

2003 Watch The Ball (Drama)

2003 The Quotient of All Anxietes (Comedy Parody)

2003 A Streaming Video (Animation)

2002 Lion Claws (War Action)

2002 The Last Patrol (War Drama)

2002 Comic Books Are For Kids (Comedy/Adventure)

2001 Drive (Psychological Thriller)

2001 Guido (Mafia / Crime / Drama)

2001 American Gangster (Drama)

Advertising Music

2014-2019 Pebble Beach Resorts (Marketing Promos)

2010-2012 ASICS America (Marketing Promos)

2010 AVIA (Wildflower Marathon Promos)

2009 Doritos (TV Promo)

2011 McDonalds (Radio Spot)

2000 J. Walter Thompson (Detroit, MI) (Marketing)

1999 Schoolcraft College (Industrial Videos)

Video Games / Software Credits

2018 Call of Duty: Black Ops IV (Action Shooter) (Additional Music)

2015 Call of Duty: Black Ops III (Action Shooter) (Additional Music)

2012 Cirque Du Soleil and Google Movi.Kanti.Revo

2011 Microsoft (Licensed Music)

2008 Puzzles of Life (PC Casual Strategy Game)

2006 JAWS Unleashed (Sony PS2 Video Game) (Additional Music)

2005 Seda X Squared (Fantasy Role Playing Game)

Television Credits

2022 The Masters Golf (ESPN/CBS) (Licensed Music)

2021 Magnum P.I. (CBS) (Additional Music) (Licensed Music)

2020 Coronavirus Explained (Netflix) (Licensed Music)

2017 Shark Tank (ABC) (Licensed Music)

2017 The Bachelorette (ABC) (Licensed Music)

2017 Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman (The Science Channel) (Licensed Music)

2017 Paying Tribute (Sports Documentary)

2017 Secret Space Escapes (The Science Channel) (Licensed Music)

2017 How The Universe Works (The Science Channel) (Licensed Music)

2017 Homes Under The Hammer (BBC) (Licensed Music)

2016 Hotel Hell With Gordan Ramsay (Fox) (Licensed Music)

2016 Shark Week (Various Documentaries (The Discovery Channel)(Licensed Music)

2008 The History Channel (Licensed Music)

2008 Children Lost In Darkness (Drama)

2008 The Discovery Channel (Licensed Music)

2006 That’s My Kid Up There (NBC Documentary)

2005 MTV Networks (Licensed Music)

2005 SyFy Channel (Licensed Music)

2004 Reality TV Show Libraries (Licensed Music)

2003 Longchamps “The Legacy” (Sports Documentary)

2002 3 Years Before The Trials (Sports Documentary)

2002 Bravo Network (Licensed Music)

2002 Oxygen Network (Licensed Music)

2002 ABC Family Channel (Licensed Music)

2001 Fox Family Channel (Licensed Music)

Film Trailers

2019 Jumanji: The Next Level (Action / Adventure)

2016 The Girl On The Train (Mystery / Thriller)

2010 1013 Briar Lane (Paranormal Documentary)

2009 Dreams and Shadows (Drama)

2008 Paradise Lost (Horror / Thriller)

2008 Blood River (Horror)

2008 Sam Hell (Horror / Thriller)

2008 Saudis in America (Drama)

2008 Anderson’s Cross (Drama)

2008 Love Hollywood Style (Comedy)

2008 Who Made The Potatoe Salad (Comedy)

2008 The Chosen One (Comedy)

Executive Producer Credits

2022 Sustaining Us (KLCS – PBS) (Talk Show)

2022 Everybody With Angela Williamson (KLCS – PBS) (Talk Show)

2019 Victimized (Drama) (Short Film)


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